Yggdrasil is a narrative-driven platformer game. It tells a story of the relationship between our three main characters: April, Roy and Dylan. They were good friends when they were young, but grow apart gradually. And now they find out themselves a task to retrieve a medicine and save their town elder together. It’s a story about friendship, compromise, and forgiveness.

We are trying to tell the story in different ways. Your two dear friends Roy and Dylan will not only follow but also communicate with you along the journey. They will tell you background story, hint of puzzles by just trivial talking. And whenever you make a key decision between these two characters, the following level will be different dependent on what you have chosen.




Design and Programming

with Andrew, Fandi, Kevin, Ivy, Rizky and Zed








The Demo for Mac and Windows.

WSAD to move and Space to double jump

And your following characters will teach you the rest.



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