A game made in a week for Prototype Studio class, at that class, we have a prompt every week, and we are asked to make a game within a week with that prompt. And that week’s prompt is PERMANENT, OR EPHEMERAL.

This is a loose prompt but very hard to come up with an idea. My first thought is a game about a family that inherits the same profession, and you the same profession have different advantages and struggles among different era. But it seems over scoped for a week project. Therefore I caught the core interaction of the idea and made it into two buttons, have a baby and don’t die. The concept becomes that you need to keep the human grow as many generations as possible, but every generation have their own struggle and they all thinks their life isn’t great. This feels like a loop for human history in a funny and dark way.

Music takes from ROOKiEZ is PUNK’D – コンプリケイション



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