A game made in a week for Prototype Studio class, at that class, we have a prompt every week, and we are asked to make a game within a week with that prompt. And that week’s prompt is to make a game based on a place, and the place I get is Belfast from Northern Ireland.


This is a difficult prompt because Belfast seems to be just like thousands of other western cities. Luckily there is a place in Belfast call Giant’s Causeway which is an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns. I find this place look amazing, and I want to replicate the feeling of it. Because it’s close to the sea where a lot of people would have different emotion and memory comes in, so I want it to be a memory game where you need to remember the path and reverse your memory and trace the path back.

Music takes from ESTi  – Aquabelle(ポータルエリア)



Design, Program, Art


DEMO (Spoiler!)


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