A game made in a week for Prototype Studio class, at that class, we have a prompt every week, and we are asked to make a game within a week with that prompt. And that week’s prompt is to make a fan-game of a game by a woman! So I made the FreeJourney, which is a fan-game of Journey, and the producer of Journey is Robin Hunicake.

I think everybody would agree that it feels really great when sliding in Journey,  at least I do. But the sliding in Journey is pretty short, it only has few minutes. Therefore I want to create an infinite desert so that player can feel free and enjoy the free sliding. The gameplay mechanics of the game is light, hit the star and it will refill the timer on the top of the screen. Don’t let the timer runs out, that’s is. And it takes no time to restart so that you can enjoy your sliding as you like.

Music takes from YUI – My Generation~YUI Acoustic Version~



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